About us

We would like to introduce ourselves as hosts of NaturResort Änglagård in Gargnäs, a wonderful place in Swedish Lapland.

We are Bettina and Michael.
Now in our fifties, we look back on intensely lived lives. Despite all the diversity, two red threads crystallize:

  • Our great love and connection to nature
  • Our commitment to accompany people and organizations on their individual paths

Our trips to untouched areas of the earth were important time-outs from everyday life and professional work. The direct experience of nature seems to us to be one of the best ways of maintaining health for body and soul!

This essential experience was one of the most important of our motives to create a space in nature where people can come together and find everything it takes to live a healthy and joyful life.

For twenty years we have been traveling Sweden and are always fascinated by the varied nature and the vastness of this country. When we found the island place Gargnäs, our long cherished vision became reality.

Here we create a special place for people and an exquisite seminar venue for organizations in the midst of a unique natural landscape.

We look forward to helping you spend a time at NaturResort Änglagård that is exactly what you need.

About our NaturResort

The NaturResort Änglagård in Gärgnäs is a place that
- community and exchange
- silence and retreat
- nature connection and wilderness experience
- health and regeneration
- orientation and new perspectives
- reconnection to oneself
makes possible.

Welcome to this extraordinary and powerful place !

Bettina Homeyer

Companion - Canoeist - Photographer

Born 1967, married, two adult children, qualified social pedagogue, qualified pedagogue, licensed child and adolescent psychotherapist

If I had been asked the question about my future dream when I was a child, I would have answered: To be in nature, to experience adventure and to travel.

Now I have worked as an educator and therapist for almost 25 years and while experiencing the adventure of life and accompanying inner journeys, I have seen far too little of the sky and enjoyed the wonderful nature.

I have accompanied people of all ages on difficult and joyful paths and have learned that the most important thing is to find and walk your very own path.

I have experienced how wonderfully nature supports us.

A canoe day on the lake gives us pure joy of life, a hike in the mountains confronts us with ourselves and our limits, an evening at the fire under the starry sky shows us our belonging and a night in the tent teaches us to respect our needs.

And I have experienced how important it is for every person to experience guidance and support from time to time. There are times when reorientation and temporary departure from the old is important in order to regain the strength to continue to courageously tread one's own path.

I have been living in beautiful Sweden since 2021 and am happy to be able to combine my two great strengths and passions so wonderfully here:

- Being out in nature and

- Accompany people on their own path

Michael Homeyer

Impulse generator - strategist - nature lover

Born in 1964, I look back on a rather intensively lived time. Happily married to Tina, I look back on four grown-up children who go their own ways and master life - two biological and two bonus children.

Actually, I am a child of the Ruhr area, a huge, industrialized area in the heart of West Germany. But something must have gone wrong, because I was moved from the beginning by the wilderness landscapes, vastness and freedom in untouched nature.

Professionally, I started as a local government official after graduating in public law. In parallel, I volunteered to help build a large conservation youth organization. After studying geography / ecology, I pursued my dream job. I managed extensive conservation areas for many years.

The administrations put a spoke in my wheel. I was only allowed to count beetles and birds and keep red lists of endangered species. Developing protected areas, inspiring people for an intact natural balance, improving the conditions for functioning ecosystems: That's no longer in vogue.

I continued my winding resume as a management consultant specializing in environmental, energy and sustainability management. And with it, my red thread of life. For seventeen years, I have been working with companies in all sectors to change their environmental situation, to introduce sustainability as a meta-management, to involve the workforce and to find clear goals.

With the NaturResort Änglagård in Gargnäs, village between sky and water, I have reached my soul landscape. Here we offer a space for people and organizations to find and reorient themselves in difficult times and rapid change.

Tina and I share this common vision. That is a real gift. It keeps body and soul together - perhaps more than good food and drink.