General Terms and Conditions for Overnight stays in our accommodations and for our events


The booking contract is concluded when the customer has transferred a deposit of 30% of the invoice amount to the account of NaturResort Homeyer AB. The remaining 70% must be credited to NaturResort Homeyer AB's account no later than 30 days before arrival. NaturResort Homeyer AB is entitled to cancel the contract if the remaining amount has not been credited at least 30 days before arrival, without any right to compensation. In this case, the deposit paid by the customer will be regarded as compensation and will not be refunded.


If the customer cancels more than 30 days before arrival, he does not have to pay the balance. The deposit is considered compensation and is non-refundable. If the customer cancels less than 30 days before arrival, the customer owes the remaining amount in addition to the amount of the deposit already paid.

Responsibility and liability

NaturResort Homeyer AB is responsible for the proper fulfillment of the contract according to the customer's expectations. Our activities assume that the customer is in good physical condition and that there are no physical or mental conditions that hinder or make it impossible to carry out the chosen activity. NaturResort Homeyer AB is not liable for any damage resulting from this.

The customer is responsible for taking out "adventure activities" travel insurance and health insurance with cover abroad. The activities and the stay at NaturResort Homeyer AB are at the customer's own risk. NaturResort Homeyer AB is not liable for personal injury or damage to property or their consequences.







NaturResort Homeyer AB will ensure that the accommodation is cleaned before arrival. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the accommodation, the room and the equipment provided (e.g. snowmobiles, snowmobile clothing, fishing rods, etc.) are stored and used properly, as befits a good owner. Any damage must be reported to NaturResort Homeyer AB. The customer is liable for all damage.

Requirements for snowmobiling

NaturResort Homeyer AB takes safety very seriously. During all our activities, instructions must be followed to the letter. On scooter tours, the prepared scooter routes or the routes indicated by the guide must be followed. Participants on snowmobile tours may drive their own snowmobile if they have an AM, A or B driving license and are at least 16 years old.

Force majeure

If a booked activity cannot be carried out due to illness on the part of NaturResort Homeyer AB, NaturResort Homeyer AB will inform the customer immediately and, if possible, reschedule the activity to another date/time or replace it with another activity. If this is not possible or if there is a longer interruption due to illness, the activity will be canceled and the insurance conditions of Visita Service AB (org. no. 556101-2617), to which NaturResort Homeyer AB is affiliated, will apply.

In the event of force majeure circumstances beyond the control of NaturResort Homeyer AB, such as fire, war, strikes, disasters, extreme weather conditions, etc., NaturResort Homeyer AB has the right to terminate the agreement without being obliged to pay compensation and/or refund the deposit and/or balance.

Data protection

We only use the personal data provided by guests for booking purposes. The data is not processed in an address file and is not passed on to third parties. We operate our website, e-mail traffic etc. via a so-called SSL certificate (https). This means that the customer data entered by guests and made available to us is transmitted in encrypted form and therefore cannot be intercepted by third parties.

Status: 06/2023